Your quetsions answered.

What is Citi Atlas?

Citi Atlas is a new home-selling option for homeowners. We enable our customers to receive a competitive offer on their home and move on their timeline. Homeowners can request an offer by providing their address and answering some questions about their home. If their home is eligible, Citi Atlas will review the home details and local market conditions, then respond with a cash offer within 24 hours. If the homeowner accepts the offer, a Citi Atlas representative will schedule a home evaluation and guide the homeowner throughout the closing process. If the homeowner does not to accept their offer and decide to list their home for sale, then Citi Atlas can connect them with a trusted local agent.


There is no cost to request or receive an offer on your home from Citi Atlas, and comes with absolutely no obligation to sell. To get started, enter your address here, and we’ll walk you through some quick questions about your home’s condition, features, and upgrades.

Yes. You do not have to sign any agreement or make any commitments to request an offer. After submitting a request, you can accept the offer and sell your home, you can list with an agent or you can decide not to sell at this time. It’s completely up to you.

Enter your address and you’ll be directed to an online questionnaire where you can enter some basic information about your home (it only takes a few minutes). Citi Atlas will review your home details and local market conditions, and if your home qualifies, you’ll receive an offer within 24 hours from Citi Atlas. If you choose to accept the offer, we will conduct an in-home evaluation and close on your timeline.

There is absolutely no cost to request or receive an offer from Citi Atlas. If you choose to sell your home to Citi Atlas, you will receive a clear statement outlining any fees associated with the offer.

  • Single Family residential homes, Multi-Families 2-12 units, Townhouse, Condo
  • Homes Built After 1960
  • Homes with a value between $100,000-$400,000 (depending on location)
  • Homes with lot sizes no greater than 1 acres
  • Homes not in flood zone

Pricing & Valuation

You will provide the home’s address, confirm some basic home details (year built, square footage, etc.) and answer a few questions about updates or upgrades to the home, as well as other information appropriate to the home’s value. We also encourage you to upload photos of the interior and exterior of the home. It only takes about four minutes to answer the questions and submit your request.

Your home is carefully evaluated by a team of real estate experts who specialize the CT market. Our pricing experts look at several sources of information including:

  • Details you provide about your home (current condition, recent updates)
  • Comparable homes in your area

We factor in typical costs of renovations or repairs (based on what sellers in your area spend to get similar homes market-ready), and confirm or adjust our offer following on an in-person evaluation.

Sellers are responsible for certain closing costs—just like any traditional sale. These fees may include title insurance, attorney fees, transfer taxes, HOA transfers fees, taxes, document transfers and other customary fees. These fees differ based on market and transaction and can range from 1% to 3% of purchase price. A Citi Atlas Representative is always willing to help you work with your attorney’s office in handling the transaction to get an estimate of your net proceeds.

After providing information about your home, you will receive an offer via email with 24 hours. You will have five business days to respond before the offer expires. If your offer has expired and you’re still interested in selling, we can update the offer at that time.

Photos are not required, but they are encouraged, as they give us more information about your home. We do not need professional photos, and you do not need to clean or prep your home — just snap a few photos with your smartphone.

Accepting our offer

A Citi Atlas advisor will call you to go through your offer, and we’ll email you a copy so you can review the details.

Your offer is valid for five days, and you can contact your advisor during that time should you have any additional questions. If you decide to accept the offer, your advisor will walk you through the next steps.

You can accept our offer and sell your home, you can list with an agent or you can do nothing. It’s completely up to you. If you believe our offer is based on incorrect information you may request a free in-home valuation from a Citi Atlas adviser.

Request an offer does not obligate you to sell your home. Even if you accept the offer, you are under no requirement until you’ve signed a sale contract. If the offer amount changes after we complete a home evaluation, for example, you can decline the offer.

Evaluation & Closing

If you like our initial offer, which is based on the information you provided, the next step is a home evaluation. We’ll schedule a time for our evaluator to visit your home and determine whether any repairs are needed. Based on their assessment, we will then provide our best and final offer.

To ensure an accurate offer, Citi Atlas evaluators will complete a thorough walkthrough of your home. The evaluators will need access to all rooms in your house and will take photos for reference purposes. The evaluation will take about 2 hours to complete, please ensure that all utilities are on (electric, water, gas etc.) and that all parts of the home will be reasonably accessible.

We are happy to work with you with a closing date up to 90 days from your signed contract date. As your closing date approaches, if you need the date adjusted, please let your Citi Atlas advisor know and we will send you an addendum to your purchase contract. If you find that you need a closing date beyond 30 days, we may be able to work with you on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, we can adjust your closing date at any point throughout the selling process. You have up to 45 days to close on the sale of your home to Citi Atlas and we are able to adjust this date within this period to your schedule.

We have a team of advisors focused on making sure Citi Atlas provides a great experience, by providing its clients with the tools and resources to make the best decision. You will have a dedicated Advisor who will accompany you throughout the process, answer questions and ensure smooth progress toward closing.